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Joyous Woman!

A workshop to embrace the Divine Feminine

'The nature of all women is perfect wisdom' Machig Labdron - Enlightened Buddhist Master & Yogini

Planet Earth has firmly entered the cycle of Divine Feminine Leadership. From time immemorial women have held deep secrets within their bodies. Over time, women got disconnected from their hearts and bodies & lost connection to these mysteries. These secrets are so immense, that when accessed, the woman returns to her Original Form of Divinity. Women who have experienced the Joyous Woman! workshop have unleashed this enormous power with ease and joy. They are practicing living their lives in a joyous way. The universe is now our most powerful ally, beaming the Divine Feminine energy on all who choose to step into it. Come and experience the new evolutionary woman you can choose to be. In the two day workshop, women will * Clear deep cellular programming of patriarchy * Heal their wounds * Unravel the mystery of their cycle & menstrual mandala * Do soul retrieval * Do deep body work * Reclaim their flow * Learn the goddess walk & goddess breath * Learn the process of expansion & holding * Connect to the codes of creation * Receive Initiation into their womb temple *Access the power of the sisterhood circle * Meet their inner goddess All this and more happens in a safe container, as we once again after centuries, pick up the mantle as leaders to steward our planet into the next cycle. We use dance, meditation, laughter & tears, conversation and restfulness to gently unfold our mystery.

Joyous Woman! ~ II

Integrating the Divine Masculine (The next step in the Joyous Woman's Journey)'
Once the woman has connected to her divinity, breathed life into her body temple, transformed her pain into joy, she becomes ready to knock on another door. Her masculine self. The balance is still skewed if her masculine self is the dominator. This could likely be the most covert oppressor and disowned part inside of her. Women know what it means to be ‘living with the enemy’. A woman’s journey into wholeness is incomplete unless she integrates the two halves into her being. In the two-day workshop, women connect to their own huge untapped reservoir of strength that the masculine offers. Of course, the patriarchal masculine energy is deeply entrenched. One that judges, oppresses, criticises and imprisons. We learn to bond, heal and clear our patriarchal masculine energy. What a liberating process it is, when the women release the oppressive masculine, and becomes a space and invitation for the Divine Masculine. Centuries of oppression make the presence of masculine energy inside of us a difficult existence. The feminine is instinctively and even unconsciously defended against the masculine. Healing and release through caring processes, body work, music, meditation and dance heals to make her ready to invite a new powerful energy to enter. At once, she is now protected, supported, encouraged and energised by her own masculine. Her masculine empowers her dreams and brings them to fruition. All that she has been looking for outside now exists inside of her. A woman stands tall, powerful, courageous and confident when her feminine self is fully supported by her masculine. She is now running on full battery!

Joyous Woman ~ III

'When salt dissolves, it becomes one with the ocean, When my ego dissolved,I became one with Shiva and Shakti' - Jnaneshvar
The Final Step (A loving invite to all those who have completed the Joyous Woman! level I and II)
Welcome to the most sacred and perhaps the most fulfilling journey you will make to a real/tangible awakening within yourself. Our sacred traditions tell us that the rise of the kundalini is the ultimate aim of human existence. This is when Shakti and Shiva unite. What if the ‘ultimate’ becomes real, within our grasp, right now, in this life-time? What if we understood that our spiritual traditions were talking of the sacred union of the feminine and the masculine within us? What if, when we de-mystify enlightenment, it means this inner marriage? We have done much sacred work to access the pure feminine and masculine energies within us, and understand their divine inter-play. We are now in a space to integrate and weave their magic in a sacred union. We will understand how tapas (masculine) romances spanda (feminine) to create spontaneous life. The war within finally ceases. We can now access the deep mystery that the yin-yang symbol holds for us, and integrate its wisdom in our life, bringing a harmonious balance and interplay of the two energies. In the lovingly crafted three day/three night workshop, we will integrate the opposites, heal the split, cease the inner war, and come to a place of deep love previously not experienced. Our hearts will become the ‘marriage mandap’, and our entire being will awaken to participate in this brilliant union of our feminine and masculine energies. There will be romance, engagement, commitment. We will have a beautiful self-marriage ritual. And then, we are ready to enter the world as leaders, mystics, healers, transformers, peace-lovers, and compassionate beings. And from there will begin a new journey in our world, radiating unity and oneness from our very being. It is a time for celebration, as we are finally free of the world of duality. Perhaps this is what was called Buddha-hood, liberation, enlightenment.

Leadership of the Divine Feminine

A workshop for Men
When we make way for the Feminine, we make way for our own wholeness. The emergence of the Divine Feminine is essentially about bridging divides and realising our true Oneness. Whether these are divides between genders, nations, races, classes, religions, or generations; divides between man and nature; divides between our own spiritual core and our outer social actions and structures – the spirit of the Divine Feminine is arising today in women and men to forge connections wherever the unity of life has been violated and broken. We are being asked to change now through conscious participation. We are called to create sanctuaries, communities of support and co-create, and bring to full flowering the spirit of the Divine Feminine rising now to express itself through us. Normally when we speak of the feminine, we are speaking about the receptive side of our being, but when we speak of the Divine Feminine, the gateway to our Wholeness, we are speaking about both receptivity and action, receptivity-in-action. We need to actively make ourselves vessels through which the spirit of Wholeness can flow and heal our world. The Divine Feminine is the gateway to Wholeness because she represents the missing qualities needed to bring balance to our collective consciousness. The Leadership of the Divine Feminine is a mystery being revealed, willing to unfold moment to moment. Are you ready to be present to her unfoldment? The Divine Feminine, paradoxically, is that which delivers us beyond man and woman, masculine and feminine, beyond all divides – a birthing in the highest sense, into our true unity, our Oneness, with each other and with our own Source, in all its forms and beyond them, infinite and eternal. In a two day workshop, we invite men who are excited, curious, awake to the rising Divine Feminine in our world today. We invite you to allow her emergence in your being ~ bringing you into a deeper alignment with her cycle on our planet. In the two days, we will connect to the essence of the Feminine, and open ourselves to the vast untapped resources within us. We come closer to our wholeness and wholesomeness as we do so. Come and experience how the Divine Feminine finds expression through you. We will do so through experiencing, body work, discussions, music, meditation and connection with nature. Venue Sarvodaya, St Pius Complex, Aarey Road, Goregaon E, Mumbai

The Ganges Retreat

(Only for Joyous Women! Participants)
Rishikesh, 3rd May - 7th May, 2014
A river sings a holy song conveying the mysterious truth that we are a river, and if we are ignorant of this natural law, we are lost." Thomas MooreA special retreat for Joyous Women ~ all those who have completed the first level are warmly invited to an intensive at Rishikesh. Come, claim the river within. Guided and aided by the sacred Ganga herself as your teacher. The time arrives for us to aquire the codes that the sacred river has been holding for us. Sukhvinder Sircar facilitates this four night stay at the sacred city of Rishikesh, by the banks of the Ganges. We will dive deep, meditate, sing, dance and of course bathe in the Ganga. As we immerse into the holy song of the river, we will be accessing sacred spaces in the body and activating & initiating new and powerful processes & symbols never before accessed. The holy work of the divine feminine continues to unfold its mystery. Come, empower yourself with a never before imagined shakti. Let the outer Ganga commune with the Ganga that flows within your body. The retreat will include time to visit the town, and some exquisite spiritual shopping in the amazing shops around Lakshman & Ram Jhula. Venue: Prasanna Inn, Rishikesh ~ a lovely little place right by the banks of the Ganges with spacious air conditioned rooms. The retreat begins in the evening of 3rd May, and concludes on the afternoon (post lunch) on 7th May. We will take the Shatabdi from Delhi to Haridwar at 7 am on 3rd, and return by Shatabdi in the afternoon on 7th, to reach Delhi by evening of 7th. Rishikesh is an hour away by road from Haridwar.