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Teachings of Ishtar

My first connection to my womb was in 1984 when I did a project as part of my training to become a Group Process Facilitator. I had charted my menstrual cycle and how it synchronised with my dream cycle. For this, I recorded my dreams every day and placed them alongside my menstrual mandala. Depending on the day of my cycle, my dreams would change. What emerged was an awe-inspiring story of my ‘underworld’ and the absolute cyclical nature of my waking and dream life. The pattern repeated every 28 days.

My life has never been the same, once the secrets of the monthly cycle unfolded for me. The wisdom of my cycle allowed me to live my life with a much greater intelligence than I had ever imagined.


However, the real mysteries of the womb began to unfold when I formally became a student of the Great Goddess Isis. By that time, I was already channeling the light masters. (Check out my site for them)

Goddess Isis always evoked a deep reverence in my heart. She became my teacher when I connected with her in a meditation in Glastonbury, UK in September 2011. While meditating at the Chalice Well, which is called the seat of the Divine Feminine, I saw a single eye. It was the left eye of Isis. I was asked to enter it, and without a question, I did. In January 2012, I was blessed to visit the Temple of Isis in Aswan, Egypt. While meditating, she told me that the journey that began in Glastonbury concluded here in her temple. And I was absolutely delighted when she accepted me as her student!
I connected with her regularly in my meditations.

One day in February of 2012, while meditating on her, she told me ‘Go to Ishtar’. I thought I had heard wrong. I asked once more, and again she said, ‘Go to Ishtar’. I had no clue who Ishtar was, except a very strong feeling that she must be an ancient goddess. I connected to her, and in a moment she was there. Without any ado, she began to teach me. And thus began an incredible journey of womb wisdom.

She told me that she was beginning a process of womb cleansing, and the entire process would take six months. She was performing certain procedures in my womb. In my meditation I saw that she filled my womb with vinegar (I think) to soften it, and removed a net like lining from the womb wall. There was a lot of old crusty stuff in my womb wall that she was removing with great care. I googled Ishtar, and to my utter surprise, I found that one of her names is: Opener of the Womb. My hair stood on end. I brought her teachings to other women in my Divine Feminine workshops called Joyous Woman! With great joy, I share her messages with you.

Moon Cycles


She taught that the Sacred Feminine holds deep knowledge of Cycles. Once we gain knowledge of the cycles, we end the illusion that time is linear. Women have been disconnected with their monthly cycle and have believed that every day of the month is the same. It was a huge relief for me when I learnt the wisdom of my cycle. What I thought was erratic and inconsistent was really me flowing through all the colours and moods of my cycle. With our new knowledge, we begin to observe how the cycle opens itself to such a variance of energies. I learnt that depending on which part of the cycle I am in, I embody different aspects of the feminine. The patriarchal set-up allowed only one half to live ~ the ovulating woman. I owned my moon time, and acknowledged the powerful Kali presence I felt at this time. This understanding brought a tremendous liberation and relaxation in my being.

I also learnt how women must learn to live in the cycle that is present in her life, rather than in cycles that she has outgrown. So often we tend to cling to possessions, persons, places, ideas whose cycle is over in our life. She has to be as comfortable with endings as she is with beginnings. Entry into our cyclic nature is the most powerful mystery unfolding. Letting go is probably the biggest challenge for women. Our monthly cycle is our biggest teacher in letting go of what is over. We make wise choices and remain healthy when we release what’s gone.

The moon cycle is a prehistoric rite of passage into the mysteries of the universe. Once a woman understands it, she is able to do and undo with clarity. She knows the right time to seed her dream, to energise its incubation & ripening and receiving the rewards in the time reaping. The cycles are a feminine attribute; they represent god’s planning. The cycles come and go. There is an ebb and flow in the universe. A woman who is tuned in to her womb can feel its pulse. The cyclical nature of the sun and moon represent god’s mind. God does not want you to be the same all the time. She wants the yin and the yang. With womb work we go into the deep mysteries, into the underground. We step into the rabbit hole. The underground is the container and it is the go-between for this world and the other.

The Divine Feminine holds and upholds

The process that Goddess Ishtar initiates right away is of refining the qualities of sustenance and growth. We are being equipped with the ability to sustain and hold what is ours. This was impossible in our damaged wombs. There were too many leaks, and the womb was shut down. With the healing, we rebuild infinite capacity to hold within oneself all that is sacred & feminine. Once a woman can bring to life the Divine Feminine in her womb space for herself, she can then uphold for the world. The upholding of the sacred happens with the new ability and capability of the womb to hold. In the patriarchy our wombs were not equipped to hold the sacred. Once she holds what truly belongs to her, a woman is empowered to imbue and imprint her charge on everything. Right now, the process in the womb is the clearing of the ancient archetype of distress, turmoil and confusion. These were implanted for the woman to surrender to confusion. We were impregnated with a destructive program and now we are restoring our ability to destroy this programming itself and entering the sacred cycle.

The new ability of our womb is to uphold truth, beauty and grace of the feminine. This new encoding enables the woman to align herself with divine will, and establish truth on earth. She will lay asunder all that is untrue. She will bring forth the magic of the divine feminine through her radiant womb presence.

Living from the womb

One of the most transformative practices I have adopted is living from the womb. I receive all my decisions, understandings, knowing, guidance by sitting in my womb temple. Not in the head, not even in the heart, but in the womb is where the yogini resides. When I do so, my energy shifts instantly. I arrive in my own sacred, secret, ancient temple of wisdom. And from here, divining truth is a very easy matter. Now, even when I walk, or dance, it is from the womb.

There is a blissful yogini part of me that is always in deep connection with source in my womb. She is wise, and holds deep knowledge of the principles of light and dark. She knows when to rise and when to set, when to move and when to be still. She clears the path for the new walk to happen. She is an expression of grace. Her heart opening invites us all into an open playing space that is safe and fearless.

So at this time the womb is being restored to its former pristine glory. And when that happens the knowledge of the equinoxes, sun and stars will follow. The womb is now being emptied for the wisdom of our new time to enter. It is a sacred pathway that women are reconnecting to.

(Dear one, the womb is clearing by itself now. We have established certain signs in your womb, certain light technologies and the womb is assimilating what is beyond your comprehension now. It will instill in you peace and forbearance you have not known before. Go very quiet and become very still. Practice the art of transcendence. The work in the womb is not over yet. You continue to work with parameters that will instil in you understanding of the universe. For now it is sufficient to know that the prophesies of the elders will be brought forth now. These prophesies have to do with aligning your truth with universal truth. These prophesies become your mettle and the place you will stand to launch your new projects. The prophesies are paramount now. They bring forth the voice of god clearly. The prophesy issue the edict of what is to come. The prophesy will instil in one and all a knowledge of the future that will uncover for you immense potential and possibility. Go into the deepest chamber of your heart and ask for the mysteries to be revealed. From here will flow the manna. The womb is the space of the sacred.)


Creativity comes from the space of motherhood. A creative persons’ energy flow is linked to the mother energy. Motherhood is a fundamental expression of the creative force. She creates and un-creates from the space of motherhood. Motherhood deepens one’s ability to work with god. The mother energy is the primal energy. Nothing is birthed without it and everything is sustained by it.

A woman uses her womb energy all the time. The more consciously aware and connected she is to her creative core, the more profound and deep will be her creation. The woman at this time is called to birth many things, & she is now asked to consciously use her mother energy. With great tenderness she needs to take care of all that she is pregnant with. She must nourish her dreams well, which are for the good of all. She must hold them in her womb space with awareness, just like a pregnant woman is always mindful of the baby in her womb. When the time is ripe, she will birth her dream baby in the world. She is now learning the art of becoming pregnant and giving birth in a beautiful partnership with the universe.

The stage of gestation is very important. One cannot be impatient and rush the pregnancy before time. So learn to pace yourself wisely. Every creation must go through the stages of conception, pregnancy and delivery. And then with the birthing of a healthy baby comes the responsibility of motherhood. The woman is being called to a higher maturity than ever before. This pregnancy is a co-creation with the Divine. Allow the divine to impregnate you with his highest vision for you and the world. Ah yes! It is an erotic energy to work with god in a loving embrace, combining both your energies to create a new world. We are being readied for something big.

How to begin

The process is simple as much as it is profound. The practice of connecting to the womb is one of entering the depths and a willingness to claim the dark parts. The most damaged parts are where the treasures lie. For very long, we have allowed our womb temple to be desecrated with false truth. For the clearance of the womb of the accumulated garbage of centuries we first bring in the light.

The womb breath or the yoni breath is a good way to begin. As we bring in the light we dissolve the junk and garbage we have piled inside our temple. Much of what is there is of no use but is taking up all the space. Fortunately, at this time, bringing the light in is itself a powerful way to clear, dissolve and repair.

When a woman feels ready to clear and claim her sacred womb space, she can call in Goddess Ishtar. Once her sacred intent is made, Ishtar, the Opener of the Womb, will arrive with her assistants and get to work with her in her sacred journey into her holiness. This holiness is her clean womb. Goddess Ishtar will enters her womb space and begin to dismantle the process of centuries. This dismantling process will seem scary for those who are not prepared for the shift in consciousness. It is essential that you are ready and willing to fully participate in the process. The more you do so and attune to the work, the faster it will flow.

A woman’s readiness will bring her into flow. She will find herself being unhooked from many spaces where her energies were being wasted. She will find herself coming into freedom and fulfillment. This happens as the split with her sacred feminine beings to heal.

The womb is the space of creation. It symbolizes safety ~ a sheltered space for creation to happen. It is a circular space that protects the process of creation and nurtures it to its fulfillment. The process of creation cannot happen in an open space. The womb is that space of total safety. The wounding of the wombs had contaminated the purity of the process of creation. The safety of the womb is essential for divine creation to happen. As women clean their wombs, they will begin to access infinitely subtle, vulnerable, fragile & artful spaces for creation. Their creativity will open up to amazing sensitivity, intricacy and softness. More ethereal fluid creation can happen in a womb that is clean, safe and secure.

The womb temple is where the woman will come to reside. Her role now is to create, which she will do with great enthusiasm. The clearing process is unique for each woman. Very soon, she will begin to reap the rewards for her intent to live in her womb. With that the reward and punishment cycle will be completed. She has lived the phase of punishment and now lives the phase of reward, and once this happens, the cycle of reward and punishment is dissolved.

She now comes into the Cycle of Sustenance. Now, she has the ability to support what she creates. This is her new power. She becomes self-sustained and self-directed, because her holy grail is able to hold what she creates. All the holes are plugged. She now dreams, she creates and she sustains. As the woman move into the cycle of sustenance, she takes back her archetype of the Sustainer that she had given away elsewhere. Get ready to play this role now. Feel the new confidence in your womb.

Sacred Sexuality

As the womb heals, so does her consciousness. The woman begins to own back her sexuality, her powerful and sacred energy. Too long her destructive patterns had allowed her womb to be dishonoured. She now holds a sacred intent to bring integrity into her life. She begins to heal her shame and powerlessness around sexuality, and honors her sacred longings more than her contractions, addictions and temptations.

The energy of the Sacred Feminine comes from her very core of existence. In the patriarchy a woman who was free in her sexuality was labeled a prostitute and whole. The word prostitute in the ancient times meant a woman who was touched by god and who could heal other men’s wounds when they made love to her. Her sex was very sacred, uplifting, and divine. She loved the man unconditionally, a power so immense that he was instantly healed. She transmitted to her man complete ease of existence, and he went away forever transformed. She came from a space of deep love, deep knowing and caring, and she gave it away to the men who came to her, recognized her for who she was, worshipped and adored her, and asked for healing. Such a woman is powerful beyond measure, the high priestess of the sacred temple. The word prostitute has been demeaned in the patriarchy. It originally meant one who was surrendered to god and in the service of men.

The Womb of the Universe

When a woman finds her way back into her womb, and begins to work from there, she discovers that it is a portal to enter the womb of the universe. Her womb is but a personal replica of the cosmic womb ~ the golden egg ~ or as the Upanishad puts it ~ the Hiranyagarbha. From here, she can immediately connect to the pulsing, creative source of the universe itself.