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Joyous woman workshop happened to me by accident. I had heard so much about it from my dearest friend Shivani. Her words kept on building an unusual curiosity in me. And just when this curiosity was coming to its edge I got a chance to me Sukhi ji. I was curious to know when they meant when they said “Joyous Woman”. I wondered aren’t we all joyous in our respective lives? And then I went to the workshop. The workshop showed me those sides of me that I myself had suppressed. It showed me those sides where when I said joyous I didn’t really mean joyous but I meant denial in my being. The workshop showed me how when I said anything about me, it was not actually me but a stranger mask I was dwelling into. To this day I can say this workshop is that threshold that gave me a path to reach towards ME. It showed me the river I am which I had been dismissing for lifetimes. It showed me the wildness in my nature which is my true nature and not the tamed one. This workshop showed me the path to my golden womb and a very gracious, wild, sensual, fearless goddess residing there. I have attended more than 1 joyous woman workshops and all the workshops gave me a different aspect that needed to shine. I am confidently saying it is THE path breaking moment in my life. My deepest gratitude to Shivani ji and Sukhiji for showing me the path to find the real Joyous Woman that I am.

Harsha Chopra