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Attending the Joyous Woman workshop conducted by Sukhvinder Sircar introduced me to innumerable ways of retrieving and embracing my feminity. There are few workshops I have felt so intuitively at home as I did here and the many beautiful techniques it has taught me has enriched my life enormously. Of these the womb breath breathing into the womb and cleansing it has struck me as something all women need to do to resolve lifetimes of trauma. I strive to do it everyday and each day I can find the womb becoming a more wholesome and pure place rather than the dense, dark and rancid place I imagined it to be. But even more than the workshop, it is the ongoing fellowship with other participants through the facebook group that has been an abiding blessing in my life. Sukhvinder’s resources as well as the active participation of the other members have given me a beautiful community of happy, energized and divine companions on the path. Sukhvinder’s loving, wise and compassionate stewardship of the workshop and the group is what makes both entities so rich in heart and life. I would strongly recommend all women looking to regain their rightful place in the world, to become a part of this wonderful space.

Suma VerugeseMumbai

The space created in the Joyous Feminine workshop was so electric, full of life and energy! The two days, how it flew by, gave me the space to really get in touch with myself deep within and finding echoes in other women, affirmed and energised myself. I find that now everything I do I seem to be with a sort of calmness and acceptance, even facing and expressing my jealousy, anger, frustration, sorrow is with a sense of acceptance that that is how it is meant to be ! I went to the workshop in search of myself and where I should be going . More than reaching out I have reached within self and thereby I am making a difference to the outer world ! My biggest revelation was that BEING is what I need to learn and NOT doing. I feel blessed that I gave myself this opportunity and deeply appreciative of Sukhi and the work she is doing.

Anuradha PrasadBangalore

Jham Jham Jham Jham Jhamjawaat
Antar Mein Gunje Diwas Raat
Ek Shunya Shunya Kapti Vishal
Maya Ki Dashe Se Ladti Main Bhidhi
Vishwast Khadi Hoon Main
Meri Laaj Main Hoon, Chunar Bhi Main Hoon
Chunar Pe Daag Bhi Main

These are not mere lyrics of a song to me. Before coming to the Joyous woman workshop these words resonated within my ecosystem making me feel weak & most times a victim in the man’s world. At times I would wonder what sin I committed in my past life to be born a woman in this birth. A constant feeling of abandonment & rejection.

Joyous woman happened to me by chance & today I am glad it happened to me. I don’t think it’s a mere workshop. I feel it’s a mystic journey that helps you clears a lot of notions about yourself & help you release your patterns.

My experience with Joyous Woman has been truly amazing. I could hear my inner voice during the workshop that has now become my best friend & guide. The experience enriched me to an extent that I could scrap apart the shame & guilt I held against my feminity. I am able accept my body, mind & soul gracefully. I take pride in being a woman. I feel re-born & beautiful. I was programmed to believe that God meets you after being faithful to your religion & observing all the norms piously. The beauty of the Joyous woman journey is that it connects you with the Goddess within you without creating any barriers or obstacles of rituals or practices. The feeling of being blessed lasts with me forever coz the divine energy, the peace that I searched for outside me, now resides with me. Life now is a beautiful expression of Love, self-acceptance & Shakti. Today, I am a strong woman who respects & appreciates herself .

Sukhi has been an amazing mentor. I fall short of words to express my gratitude & respect to her for taking me through this mystic journey. She is the divine feminine in true sense. I am proud to be a woman & owe this guilt free, beautiful, liberating & serene journey to her. It’s a must have experience for every woman.

It’s not a man’s ruthless world. It’s we who are ruthless to ourselves choosing to be the victims. More power to you Sukhi & my fellow joyous women.

Divya ShirgaonkarMumbai

Sukhi’s workshop was a turning point of my life. I did believe that I was a very aware and sensitive human being and no doubt I was. But WOW The Joyous Woman workshop(s) I have attended 3 of them since December last year has taken me to greater heights and greater depths. I’d like to share a few miraculous shifts in my life with every woman and man who reads this. I used to get injured and scar on the left side of my body the injuries have gone down significantly and I have personally witnessed a scar lightening till it is barely visible. My family is listening and taking care of me that way I want them to and somehow it happens without my shouting and sometimes without my even asking. My intuition has sharpened manifolds; eerily I can sometimes predict who will talk to me or when I’ll receive a phone call. I can go on but I must leave space for all the other women who wish to share their stories. Welcome!!

Sunita RautDelhi

Thanks a million for enabling such a space in Mumbai for me and other goddesses here.
Am also really happy to see such spaces sprouting across our vast country :-)

The space that your workshop has created for me has been far more inner than outer…yes, I do connect with other goddesses & happily engage with the joyous circles on FB & in other ways…but these engagements are for me overshadowed by the depth of engagement I have been living in with my inner shakti…wow…what a vast, deep & enriching space you enabled for me.
Nowadays, I choose…consciously. and while I catch myself falling into the track quite often, Ido catch myself, and that awareness is soooo wonderfull too !

Am able to see the connects between my inner & outer realities so clearly, that i am confident of influencing my world my way :-)
I could go on & on with specifics, but the need to ‘dump’ has definitely left me…this, to me is one of the most precious gifts that your workshops enabled !
Many many many thanks again & a million billion times more…I am a conscious, womb-aware, joyously living goddess today…and forevermore.
Dear goddesss sukz, may all goddesses bless you, your enadeavours & the spaces you permeate…

much love & hugs once again,


On the occasion of my 64th birthday this past June, I was most privileged to participate in a Joyous Woman workshop in Kolkata, facilitated by Sukhivinder Sircar. Having experienced some extreme life challenges with health, financial and family issues over the past two and a half years, from the outset, just the words “Joyous Woman” resonated strongly with me, as I had come to a point in my life where I desperately needed to trade fear and depression in for joy and hope. In addition, in the course of grappling with the various problems facing our family, I had neglected to take care of myself and needed to reclaim my spirit as a woman by consciously loving and caring for myself, knowing that I could not give to others what I did not own myself.

I was not disappointed. In the two days that I spent in the company of some most interesting, open and forward looking women, we were inspired, under the expert and loving guidance of our beloved Sukhi, to delve deep into many facets of our lives to bring darkness into light and in the process heal many imbalances. Employing several different modalities, exercises, meditations and group discussions, Sukhi, in a caring, fluid, non-invasive, and professional manner, is able touch the heart of each individual and bring out into the world the best of their core essence.

I have personally been trying to consciously work on myself for some decades now, and I found that in the process of this workshop, I was afforded the perfect time, space and facility to arrive at a point of crystallization in gathering together, honing and refining mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies which were previously scattered and under-utilized. In the continuing unfolding of my life path, I felt that over the two days, I was able to regain an important focus, clarity and confirmation of purpose as well as a genuine sense of joy accompanying them.

I was also very impressed by the authentic spiritual mood and values underlying the structure and implementation of the workshop. As a divine expression of sacred feminine energy herself, Sukhi is both knowledgeable, experienced and well equipped to coax forth the brilliance of each spirit soul in her workshop. By assisting the participant to first recognize and then release the material coverings which prevent the soul from shining in its true beauty, she assists, like a midwife, in a new and vital rebirth, in each and every one, of a truly, divine, “Joyous Woman”.

Thankyou Sukhi, from the bottom of my heart. I can’t wait until the next workshop, going deeper and higher in joy and in love.
With love and gratitude
From my heart to yours

Radha Victoria TaylorMayapur, West Bengal

Sometimes days go by and weeks fly before we realise that years have vanished into nothingness…and then comes these two days, out of nowhere, where you learn, enjoy, think, feel , do , be ..and you realise , oh so much for living.. where were you Sukhi all these years? I could have lived MORE, breathed more, loved more, felt more, leapt more, thought more…

For all of you who are considering this program of two days, called the Joyous Femininity, or the Divine Femininity or the Joyous Divinity.. whatever be the name …join Sukhi in her journey of living..

Whenever you decide to join this program, do it.. this is the little something you can give yourself.. just to be MORE YOU…

Sunita ChughGurgaon

Firstly, would like to thank you for all the awareness you have instilled in me.. brought me closer to my own self.. I am enthralled to inform you that I can see that the power which we manifested that day in our energy fields is now integrating in my physical body and around. I am going through the process fully aware of the nuances.. a deeper understanding prevails with each experience. The divine “perspective” as I call it, is clear now !! :)

So here I am full of gratitude and infinite love flowing through and through.. Thanking u for guiding me in reclaiming my power and taking the steps towards becoming whole again.

Shivani VaswaniMumbai

Sukhi guides us through a process of discovering our powerful selves with her gentle , compassionate and no-nonsense presence. The lack of judgment frees us from tyrannical labels and this provides spaces to look, acknowledge and address all the fears holding us from flying and soaring.

I feel enabled and energized to move forward in my own journey of exploring myself and life’s opportunities after attending her’Joyous Woman’ workshop.

Rashmi DuttGurgaon

Attending the Joyous Woman workshop has been a path breaking experience for me.
It has catapulted me into making an attempt at rising, standing tall and reclaiming my place in the universe as an equal participant in the unfolding of its destiny.

The friendly, interactive sessions are truly inspiring and very informative. It gives us the chance to bond with each other as women, to gain strength form each other’s experiences and inputs as much as wisdom from Sukhvinder’s wonderful insights into so many important issues that effect women today. I would say that attending the workshop would certainly enable all of us women in not only changing for the better but also be the catalyst of change that the world so urgently needs today.

Geethanjali RaoKolkata