Joyous Woman! ~ II
Integrating the Divine Masculine
(The next step in the Joyous Woman's Journey)
Once the woman has connected to her divinity, breathed life into her body temple, transformed her pain into joy, she becomes ready to knock on another door. Her masculine self. The balance is still skewed if her masculine self is the dominator. This could likely be the most covert oppressor and disowned part inside of her. Women know what it means to be ‘living with the enemy’.

A woman’s journey into wholeness is incomplete unless she integrates the two halves into her being. In the two-day workshop, women connect to their own huge untapped reservoir of strength that the masculine offers. Of course, the patriarchal masculine energy is deeply entrenched. One that judges, oppresses, criticises and imprisons. We learn to bond, heal and clear our patriarchal masculine energy. What a liberating process it is, when the women release the oppressive masculine, and becomes a space and invitation for the Divine Masculine.

Centuries of oppression make the presence of masculine energy inside of us a difficult existence. The feminine is instinctively and even unconsciously defended against the masculine. Healing and release through caring processes, body work, music, meditation and dance heals to make her ready to invite a new powerful energy to enter. At once, she is now protected, supported, encouraged and energised by her own masculine. Her masculine empowers her dreams and brings them to fruition. All that she has been looking for outside now exists inside of her.
A woman stands tall, powerful, courageous and confident when her feminine self is fully supported by her masculine. She is now running on full battery!



Sacred Union Retreat
March 12 - 15, 2015
Pune, India

Joyous Woman! level I & II
June 11-14, 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

Leadership of the Balanced Masculine
(A workshop for men)

April 9th to 12th