Sukhvinder Sircar is a discovering the joy of living anew every day. An accredited group process facilitator, Sukhvinder has a deep understanding of human behaviour, as well as the knowledge & wisdom to take people on the journey from human to divine. She is a Energy Practitioner of several modalities like EMF Balancing Technique for Phases I to XII, and Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound healing. Her passion and dhrama is to work to bring alive the Divine Feminine on the planet now.
A clear channel of the Divine, she receives and joyously transmits the teachings received from Sapta Rishis, Shambala Masters, Goddess Ishtar, Isis, Athena and many more. Her ‘Joyous Woman!’ workshops are hugely popular and transformational. Through these workshops, she facilitates women to come back to their true, joyous and divine selves in an powerful way.

Her channellings are also available in her site

She currently lives in Mumbai and Kolkata, and is fully supported in her work by her husband Subhas. Her son Sushovan, a journalist, also shares her passion for transforming our planet to an abode of the Divine.



Sacred Union Retreat
March 12 - 15, 2015
Pune, India

Joyous Woman! level I & II
June 11-14, 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

Leadership of the Balanced Masculine
(A workshop for men)

April 9th to 12th