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The nature of all women is perfect wisdom'
Machig Labdron - Enlightened Buddhist Master & Yogini

Welcome to my Joyous space! This is where I talk of my work with the feminine field. What IS the field of the feminine? The best way to know is to sit in a sacred circle of women and feel its pulsing power. Women are gathering in sacred circles everywhere. Something immense being felt in the collective consciousness of women. It is only beginning to be articulated. As if a great celestial gong has gone off, announcing to women 'it is time!'Let me hasten to add that though I talk of women, the feminine field is about BOTH women and men.

What does it means to be a woman poised on the threshold of her power. Every woman now is being called to cross over this edge to a new life of freedom. There are thousands and thousands of us standing here with a beating heart, asking ‘can I? I can!’ Some feel it more viscerally than others, but there is an unmistakable awakening arising in the bodies of women.

The Joyous Woman! Work is a safe space for women to arrive and awaken, being held in the safe arms of the Divine Feminine. We don’t have to do this alone. The sacred circle is the most powerful field where the feminine pulses and births the new woman.

My work takes women into their bodies. Women’s bodies hold profound secrets waiting to be unlocked. So much opens up when a woman travels into her sacred physical landscape. Today, she is ready to embody her truth fearlessly. She’s ready to play her leadership role to bring the balance back.

Depth. Rhythm. Cycles. Moon. Blood. Darkness. Shadows. Journeys. Retrievals. Longing. Wildness. Practice. Sacred. Paradox. Thresholds. Descent. Bhakti. Sadhana. Dance.

Perhaps the most powerful place for a woman to arrive now is in her womb temple. Nothing gives me more joy than to initiate women into their womb temples. In my practice with Goddess Ishtar, she took me on an intense journey of womb healing. And her words echo in my heart still: ‘When the wombs of women begin to heal, a great conversation will ensue among women around the world, womb to womb.’

If you would like to experience what it means to be a joyous woman ~ come join our circle! There will be a seat just for you.